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Why you should attend the ICT For Growth Seminar?

  • It's Free!

    Yes, that's right. Admission is FREE and light refreshments are provided. So, why don't you attend the session and learn how ICT can help your business today?

  • Introduction to ICT Applications

    There will be several Malaysian ICT vendors to attend the event and introduce their solutions. We will let you know about OfficeCentral (HR, Payroll, Accounting, CRM, POS) while our partners will introduce to you about Evenesis (Event Management System), online Document Management System and even a website package for SMEs!

  • Talk on Grants

    There are several grants available for SMEs to get your own website (if you don't have one yet!), to utilize the ICT tools for your businesses and more. Attend the seminar to know more!

  • Great service

    The Cloud-based SaaS providers provide great service throughout your subscription of the software, allowing you to take full benefits of their system to benefit your company.

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